Working Papers

Robust Actionable Prescriptive Analytics
Li Chen, Melvyn Sim, Xun Zhang, Long Zhao, Minglong Zhou
Under major revision

Robust Optimization with Moment-Dispersion Ambiguity
Li Chen, Chenyi Fu, Fan Si, Melvyn Sim, Peng Xiong
Under review

Process Flexibility: A Distribution-Free Approach to Long Chain Resilience
Li Chen, Mabel C. Chou, Qinghe Sun
Under major revision


Robust CARA Optimization
Li Chen, Melvyn Sim
Operations Research, 2023+

An Exponential Cone Programming Approach for Managing Electric Vehicle Charging
Li Chen, Long He, Yangfang Helen Zhou
Operations Research, 2023+ [data files]

Mitigating the Financial Risk Behind Emission Cap Compliance: A Case in Maritime Transportation
Qinghe Sun, Li Chen, Mabel Chou, Qiang Meng
Prodution and Operations Management, 2023

Evaluating Port Efficiency Dynamics: A Risk-based Approach
Qinghe Sun, Li Chen, Qiang Meng
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 2022