Working Papers

Robust CARA Optimization
Li Chen, Melvyn Sim
Under minor revision in Operations Research

Robust Actionable Prescriptive Analytics
Li Chen, Melvyn Sim, Xun Zhang, Long Zhao, Minglong Zhou

Robust Optimization with Moment-Dispersion Ambiguity
Li Chen, Chenyi Fu, Fan Si, Melvyn Sim, Peng Xiong

Process Flexibility: A Distribution-Free Approach to Long Chain Resilience
Li Chen, Mabel C. Chou, Qinghe Sun


An Exponential Cone Programming Approach for Managing Electric Vehicle Charging
Li Chen, Long He, Yangfang Helen Zhou
Operations Research, 2023+

  • Runner-up in INFORMS Computing Society Harvey Greenberg Research Award 2023

Mitigating the Financial Risk Behind Emission Cap Compliance: A Case in Maritime Transportation
Qinghe Sun, Li Chen, Mabel Chou, Qiang Meng
Prodution and Operations Management, 2023

Evaluating Port Efficiency Dynamics: A Risk-based Approach
Qinghe Sun, Li Chen, Qiang Meng
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 2022